Rob Hyman
Cheif Business Officer
Second Sight: About
Principals: Rob Hyman and Ray C. Freeman III
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Rob Hyman Chief Business Officer
As Chief Experience Officer for Interplay Experience Design, Rob's focus is on creating experiential projects that deliver effective organizational learning and development, drive participation, and open minds to ideas. Second Sight emerged from Rob's interest in creating new ways of seeing and understanding, and in new vehicles for delivering content. Prior to Interplay, Rob took on multiple roles as Technical Director, Production Manager, and Game Designer for Entros. Rob's background in the theater taught him to appreciate the value of a quality presentation.

Ray C. Freeman III Chief Technology Officer
Ray's software development career includes such notable titles as The White House Is Our House, a panorama-based virtual CD tour of the White House, produced for The White House Historical Assocation, and LEGO CAD and LEGO Designer, developed for LEGO DACTA, pre-cursors to LEGO Digital Designer, based on the same fundamental software mechanisms invented by Ray at his company, CyberToys, Inc.. Ray is CEO of WORKSHOP 3D, LLC, an Augmented Reality Studio. As a registered architect, all of Ray's software projects deal with design and/and or the environment.

At Gamemaker, Ray and Rob worked on Search Party, and created TYPO for Entros. At Interplay, they have worked together on Picture This, several Microsoft retreats and events, Dunkin' Brands workshops, the Oregon Film Museum, and numerous other projects employing Rob's super-powered imagination and Ray's creative technical prowess.