Area: 3755 s.f. Capacity: 350
47.6204° N, 122.3493° W, EL 60.1769m

Second Sight TimeLine

ISES LIVE Seattle 2014 used Second Sight to exhibit a timeline display entitled ISES through time at their President's Reception at the Space Needle's Skyline Level. Three panoramas, one of each room at the Skyline Level, served as the backdrops for this timeline, and each Second Sight rotating kiosk was installed at the same location at which the panorama was taken.

At the top of the screen, important events in the history of the organization were displayed, tied to the timeline at the center as the viewer rotated the display. In the lower area, significant events in the history of the Space Needle itself were highlighted, creating a relationship between the histories of the Space Needle and that of the organization.

Second Sight was the perfect solution for this event, as its augmented reality data engine presented the timeline data in a fun and interactive way as the viewers rotated the screen 360 degrees to see the same thing they were seeing in real life, only with the timeline data and interesting facts added. Contact us to find out how to add Second Sight to your event or installation.";