Joseph Gregory Rossano
Center on Contemporary Art

Second Sight Object Identification

In this installation at Center on Contemporary Art, Second Sight serves as a guide to the art on display. Each of the artworks in this exhibition is related to a specific animal, either extinct or in danger of extinction. Second Sight provides information about each animal as the user turns the viewer toward the object in question.

Several panoramas cover the different rooms in the exhibition, each one loaded with information about the specific artworks in view from a specific location in the room. The panorama is taken from the location where the viewer will be mounted, so that the view is always pointed toward the right object.

Second Sight is ideal for identifying objects and locations in your space and providing more information about them. Contact us to find out how to put Second Sight to use at your location.

WHITEWASHED by Joseph Gregory Rossano at Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA), Seattle.";