Mont Ventoux: Provence, France
Iconic Tour de France Location
44.1729° N, 5.2789° E, EL 1871.7674m

Second Sight Orientation

Mont Ventoux has become legendary as the scene of one of the most grueling climbs in the Tour de France bicycle race, which has ascended the mountain fifteen times since 1951. In this example, Second Sight is used to point out the views and directions from the mountain top by anchoring the various information to its compass direction.

Second Sight is an excellent way-finding and orienting device, as the view through the display is the same as the user is seeing in real life, through their own eyes, only with additional information provided by our augmented reality engine. Here, the cyclists can pivot the display 360 degrees in any direction to find out what's around them, and where the three roads up the mountain lead.

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