Area: 3755 s.f. Capacity: 350
47.6204° N, 122.3493° W, EL 60.1769m
Second Sight combines uniquely interactive panoramas of your space, your environment, or your surroundings with timeline or orientation-based data that makes it fun to explore the information that you want to communicate.

Second Sight employs Augmented Reality technology to display text, images, and other overlay graphics, anchoring your message in reality, tying them to your space directly. There is no better way to ensure that the information that is delivered is retained than to use the brain's natural desire to connect facts, figures and other data to the physicality of the real world - your world.

Second Sight is a free-standing installation that allows your guests to interact with the display, turning it 360 degrees to explore the environment with a new perspective, delighting in the discovery that comes with finding new information wherever they look.

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